Sabrina Jaquet (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2017 European Championships Bronze Medallist, 2-time Olympic contender, 2013-19 Swiss Championships Singles Championne, 28 national titles

National Ranking Ladies Singles: 1
Equipment: Astrox77blue, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Nicole Schaller (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2018 Swiss Championship Doubles Champion, 2012 Swiss Championships Singles Champion
National Ranking Ladies Singles: 2
Equipment: Arc Saber 11, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Dominik Bütikofer (SUI)

Career Highlights: Swiss Champion 2017 Men's singles
National Ranking: 5, Singles

Equipment: Nanoray Z-Speed, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Ronja Stern (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2018 Swiss Championships Singles Runner-up

National Ranking Ladies Singles: 2
Equipment: Astrox 66, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

David Orteu (SUI)

Career Highlights:

National Ranking: 
Equipment: Duora Z-Strike, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Cendrine Hantz (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2014/12/10 Swiss Championships Ladies' doubles Silver Medalist, 2014/11 Swiss Championships Ladies Singles Bronze Medalist, 2011 Swiss Champiosnhips Mixed Silver Medalist 
National Ranking: 10 Singles, 7 Mixed, 3 Doubles
Equipment: ArcSaber9, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Céline Burkart (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2018 Swiss Championships Ladies' and Mixed Doubles Champion

National Ranking: 1 Mixed
Equipment: Nanoray 900, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Oliver Schaller (SUI)

Career Highlights: 2018 Swiss Championships Men's and Mixed Doubles Champion

National Ranking: 1 Mixed
Equipment: Arc Saber 11, Rackets, Yonex Clothes & Shoes

Benedikt Schaller (SUI)

Equipment: ArcSaber 11, Yonex Clothes & Shoes